fresh organic kosher california dates

Thank you for your visiting our web site. 4 Date Lovers offers fresh California kosher certified dates. We hand select only the best dates, they are hand-picked, washed, sorted and brought to your table for discriminating date lovers. We provide the best quality possible at a great price. Please browse our date shop and select from our many delicious date products.

Many of you may be asking, “What are dates?” Simply put, Dates are Natures healthy candy. Few natural foods contain the nutrition and health benefits of fresh dates, eating just a couple of dates a day will help with your daily food pyramid.

You can place an order online, or call 1-888-400-4883. If you have questions call or email 4datelovers@gmail.com.

NEW: Date Butter and Date Puree, made from Premium Medjool Dates and Deglet Noor dates, great for commercial establishments, GUARANTEED NO PITS!

our date farm in thermal, ca

We ship via U.P.S. using the flat rate boxes as much as possible; our shipping fees are based on price, and we charge nothing for handling. We understand how every little helps.

4 Date Lovers PO Box 6677, La Quinta, CA 92248 Phone 888-400-4883 4datelovers@gmail.com

Ship to address: 82519 Airport Blvd. Thermal, CA 92274